Things To-Do During Hurricane Sandy

Ok, if your anything like me a day trapped inside throws off your rhythm. I’m more the go-go-go type. Yes, I like my weekends but that’s cause I fill them with stuff I love to do…not sitting around house! BUT since I have the day inside I figured i’d make a to do list to keep me from going crazy:)


  1. Paint my nails
  2. Clean my bedroom
  3. Get ahead in my clinical homework
  4. search pinterest/blogs for ideas to make a “stuck at home” work-out routine
  5. Make a pumpkin protein smoothie
  6. Make a running motivation vision board
  7. Start reading the 3rd hunger games

Notice the bottom two things do not involve electricity …they are my go-to’s if the power goes out!

* To bad i’m not living with my fellow intern’s their day off involves: 

What’s your hurricane plans?

Oh and I thought this song was appropriate …Every storm runs out of rain :)

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