Is Zero Halliburton doing anything in response to the crisis?

It has never been our nature to stand idly by. Like you, persistence and striving for something better is part of Zero Halliburton’s DNA.  As such, we are proud to have hosted an online Warehouse Sale April 14-24, 2020 from which we donated 15% of the proceeds to several important organizations:

- Feed the Frontlines NYC (https://www.feedthefrontlinesnyc.org/)
- International Medical Corps (https://internationalmedicalcorps.org/emergency-response/covid-19/)
- Direct Relief (https://www.directrelief.org/emergency/coronavirus-outbreak/)

Additionally, we worked with the Four Seasons Hotel New York to provide frontline healthcare workers in New York City a little comfort and joy by donating 100 of our Edge “Sun” Lightweight Carry-On Cases to the displaced heroes staying at the hotel while they work at local hospitals.  Each case was filled with personal care items from Lafco and This Works along with several sterile, KN95 face masks.

This Works
Endure Beauty

Are your stores open?

In accordance with guidelines from the CDC and state and local officials, we have temporarily closed our store locations for the safety of our customers, our associates and our community.

When will stores reopen?

We are not yet sure when each of our stores will reopen; however, we will continue to update you as we know more.

Can I still place an order on zerohalliburton.com?

Yes! Online orders can be placed 24/7 at zerohalliburton.com.

Will my order arrive on time?

Given the unprecedented circumstances, there may be order processing and delivery delays.

However, we are committed to getting orders to our customers as quickly as possible.

Can I delay my shipment?

Once your order is placed, we start working on it right away. Currently, we are unable to delay or hold shipments.

Has your return policy changed?

For added flexibility during this difficult time, we have extended our general return policy to 60 days.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns of Final Sale merchandise or items bought at our online Warehouse Sale.

For additional information about our policies as well as return instructions, please visit our Customer Care page.

For the Warehouse Sale proceeds, will you be donating the same amount to each organization?

Yes, we will divide the earnings evenly for distribution to each organization. The more we sell, the greater the impact!

Where can I buy a ZERO Halliburton case?

Zero Halliburton is sold directly at www.zerohalliburton.com, at Zero Halliburton retail and outlets stores, and through authorized Zero Halliburton online and brick and mortar commercial partners. Please refer to the dealer locator to find a retailer nearest you.

What is the ZERO Halliburton Limited Lifetime Warranty?

Zero Halliburton offers a comprehensive warranty program.  Please refer to our warranty information page for details.

What is the best way to clean aluminum?

To remove dirt or surface residue, gently wipe the case with a soft, damp cloth. To bring out aluminum’s natural shine, buff your case with a coat of mild, silica-free (Silica-based products can scratch the aluminum surface) polishing wax.

Does aluminum scratch or dent?

Zero Halliburton aluminum cases are heat-treated and anodize to provide maximum strength to the surface, however, based on the properties of aluminum, it is still possible that your case will scratch or dent. These cosmetic marks do not impact the superior protection a Zero Halliburton aluminum case provides. In fact, many people see these patinas as a reference of their personal travel journeys.

How long will the foam insert in my camera case last?

Zero Halliburton uses the highest quality foam available. However, the very properties of foam make the material subject to degradation. While the foam is chemically stable at room temperature and will perform under a wide range of temperatures, the length of life of the foam can vary widely depending on the care of the product, including but not limited to environmental factors such as extended exposure to UV rays, heat or humidity. As a maintenance procedure, we recommend that you replace the foam interior of your case every five years. It is important to note that it is your responsibility as case owner to regularly check for foam degradation and to replace the foam as necessary. ZERO Halliburton is not responsible for any damage sustained to the contents of the case due to foam degradation.

Where can I purchase foam inserts for my camera case?

If you would like a replacement set of foam inserts for your camera case, please send a request to info@zerohalliburton.com. Please include the model number or the outside dimensions of your case.

I have had my case for many years and I would like to repair it or get replacement parts. Where should I go?

While each ZERO Halliburton case has been made to last a lifetime, it should be expected that component parts will show use over time and may eventually need to be repaired or replaced. While this wear occurs normally and is not covered by our warranty, we will be happy to provide you with high-quality service at a reasonable cost. You may contact us directly for assistance at repairs@zerohalliburton.com

What are the airline standards for carry-on luggage?

Each airline sets own carry-on restrictions. The standard for the major U.S. carriers is 22x14x9 inches. We recommend that you contact your airline for their policy regarding carry-on luggage.

Are you able to customize ZERO Halliburton cases?

For orders of 50 (units per model) or more, we can provide various customization options. Please contact your local reseller or email info@zerohalliburton.com directly for assistance.

How do I contact ZERO Halliburton Customer Service?

Please call 833-901-3168 or send an email to info@zerohalliburton.com