2015 Fall Running Plan

Okay guys, I’ve made a plan. I researched it, wrote it out, put it in a colorful little table, and plan to place it  all over my new apartment. It’s a fall running plan— in case you’re wondering and it’s been a long time coming.

Fall Running Plan

I’m not really a planner when it comes to running, I say this with 3 marathon and 7 half marathons in my past. Yea, I plan long runs and make sure I can at least hit the training peaks for my half and full marathons (10 and 20 miles), but that’s really all the thoughtful preparation I put in. I never want running to feel like a chore, so I run when I feel like it and push myself for the long runs. Most of the time this chill approach works for me, it allows me to continue my sport and live my life with little interruption.

Fall 2015

However, I’ve hit a plateau with running or more like a downhill spiral. I haven’t been able to come close to my half marathon PR (personal record)  pre-injury and worse I’ve haven’t seen any improvement in my time in the last three half marathons I’ve completed. At first, I wasn’t too bothered because I was just happy to be able to run after a long relationship with stress fractures. Three races later, I’m starting to get frustrated and I am feeling more and more disconnected to the sport. Part of the disconnect is the lack of improvement in my times, but part of it is also the lack of intentional training. Having a goal, something to work towards, and fight for is what makes all the miles worth it in the end and it’s what I’ve been missing.

Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print, and begin to build. (Robert Collier)

With fall right around the corner, I decided to change my ways and be more intentional about my running game. It might seem odd to put this pressure on when I’m heading to a new environment and really have no clue what my school, social, and work life will be like, but I think having a goal will help with the adjusting process. It will give me something positive and familiar to focus on and if it gets to be too much I’ll lay off. I’ve signed up for the The Halloween Half-Marathon in Petersburg, VA on Oct. 24th so stay tuned!

Also, I recently stumbled across a few helpful resources for planning…

  • Half marathon training plans- coolrunning.com 
  • Speed workouts- coolrunning.com 
  • Half marathon training plan and resources –Nike + Run Club
  • Basic speed workouts for runners- Competitor.com 


  • What resources do you use for half marathon training?!



  1. Amy @ Will Run For Ice Cream says

    Hal Higdon has some good plans also. I too had a relationship with stress fractures. I hope I never revisit that relationship again!

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