It’s Official, I’m Back In School!

Well, I’m officially a VCU graduate student. It’s crazy how quickly life can change in a couple of weeks. I can already tell this degree is going to challenge me in new but necessary ways. Listening to the VCU administration explain the program at orientation erased any doubt, I might have had, that I made the right choice in pursuing a Master’s in Social Work Degree. As a nutrition student and dietetic intern, I found that I had a lot of common interests and hobbies with my classmates. Most liked cooking;  loved fitness, and were passionate about leading healthy and balanced lifestyles. I got a feeling during my MSW orientation that the commonalities with my new classmates might run a little deeper. It’s too soon to tell, but I got this vibe that I was surrounded by people that have a common understanding of compassion and are driven by it in the same way that I am (I’m not saying most RD’s aren’t driven by compassion, they certainly are there was just a different vibe).

On another note, I’m all moved into my new apartment and learning my way around Richmond. It helps that I love my new place…herb gardenLet’s start with the complimentary herb garden because this might have been the selling point…the patioOr maybe it was the extra large private patio…

kitchenWait, lets be serious it was definitely the kitchen. There is so much room to cook, prep food and my appliances actually work.  SO yea it was the kitchen.

bedroomThere is also the exposed brick walls that kinda stole my heart. studio view

Plus, despite this place being a lot smaller than my last apartment, I kinda like not having doors that create empty rooms.

As for Richmond, I already love the eccentric vibe of the city. It’s historic, diverse, and edgy. There are unique coffee shops, microbreweries, farmers markets, and yoga studios all within in a 5-mile radius of campus. Needless to say, I’ll be okay!

This week I’ve been busy. Monday began with an interview at the place I’ll be interning for the year, followed by an orientation to the MSW program on Tuesday and Wednesday, and today is my first day of classes (EEK). I’m making a commitment to strive for healthy meals as I walk through this crazy journey of graduate school. Here’s a look into some of my eats this past week…

Breakfast 1100% whole wheat toast with bananas, hemp seeds, and almond butterdinnersGarlic and lemon salmon with quinoa, tomatoes, onions and fresh herbs  

Greek yogurtGreek yogurt topped with honey, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, and blueberries

…well I’ve got to run, can’t be late for my first class! More updates to come :)


  1. Rose Bortnick says

    Amy I am so happy for you. Your new home definitely seems to resonate with you. It is perfect,love all the pics. Your energy and motivation is contagious. I think I just might make a few positive changes to my shopping list this week. Love, Mom

  2. Irene Bortnick says

    Thrilled for you Amy. Sounds like you have found your calling. Your place looks lovely. Never been to Richmond; will have to try to come visit some time. All best wishes, Aunt Irene

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