4th of July Weekend Recap

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July Holiday, I know I did. I took advantage of the long weekend and headed up north to visit one of my very best friends, Charlene, in White Plains, NY. We went to high school and college together and now we are both pursuing advanced degrees (or I will be very soon).

Amy and Char

Charlene is in business school at Emory and spending her summer in White Plains (pictured) interning for Pepsi. #bigthings


Photo source

She has a new puppy, Langston, who I claimed as my God dog about 5 minutes into our trip. I just fell in love this weekend. I mean come on…


We have so much in common…

Langston and beer

I desperately want a puppy, but seeing the way Char completely changed her schedule and priorities to accommodate the little prince made me question whether I’m ready yet. It was a bit of a reality check for me but we shall see where life takes me…

Back to the weekend, it was a shopping,  sushi-eating, beer-drinking, talking until mid night  kind of weekend.  We had ambitious plans to make it into NYC (about 40 minutes from White Plains), but it never happened and we had no regrets.

The first night we deliberately ate sushi at a restaurant called Asian Temptation. The environment was on point with Buddha statues and fountains in every direction. The sushi and service was impressive as well…sushi 1 buddah fountain


Saturday began with the Orignal Pancake house for brunch…

orginal pancake house


Typically, at breakfast places I go for eggs or something with protein. Lately, eggs have been leaving me with an unsettling feeling so pancakes it was. These Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes were SO GOOD! I was nervous about ordering them… I’m not huge on pancakes, but when in a pancake house… why not?  They left me thinking I need to recreate the lemon poppy-seed goodness in some form or another so stay tuned!

lemon pancakes


Since Saturday was the 4th Char and I wanted an American place for dinner, but it proved harder than we thought to find in White Plains. We ended up settling on a Puerto Rican restaurant called Sofrito (I mean it’s technically America, so its fine).

I ended up getting sushi, because yes it was on a Puerto Rican cuisine menu, and it just looked so good. Don’t worry I got guacamole and sangaria too. It was amazing, I defiantly recommend it if you ever find yourself in White Plains, NY.

sushi 2



I got home from NY, just in time for the Women’s World Cup. I played soccer until I went off to college and I have a big place in my heart for the sport. I cannot think of better way to ring in the America’s weekend than a world championship from the US Women’s team.

US world cup


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Well, that’s about it from me!

Question: What do you typically eat on the July 4th?