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This post is a bit all over the place, so please excuse my mess. I’ve been on a roll lately, getting two posts a week out to you guys and last week I left you hanging. I won’t lie, it feels like a failure. The truth is, I sat down to write last week, but I couldn’t gather my thoughts enough to write anything cohesive. I wanted to share about the heartwarming joy I felt watching my god-daughter get baptized…

me and Ava

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Mindful Monday: Five Quick Tips

Monday’s are tough and the instinct is to rush through them as quickly as possible to arrive safely at Tuesday to simple get over the hump of Wednesday. This survival mindset will have you miss 156 days out of the year if you’re not careful.  Being mindful throughout the day will not only help you be a more mindful eater but will also help you find more joy in the days you so often wish away. Here are five small steps you can take to be more mindful today.

1. Make Breakfast– Don’t just make breakfast though, make something you love and take the time to sit down and enjoy it. Chances are you will waste at least 10 minutes on social media, chatting, or doing nothing. The time is there so why not take it to do something good for your body.


2. Make your bed– A clean space helps clear the mind. If you can’t clean your entire room, apartment, or house, why not start small by making your bed? Make bed


3. Go for a walk– If the weather’s nice out take the time to notice. If you like to run outside do it! If not, just a 10-minute walk adds to your total activity and can help clear the mind and ease stress.

4. Call a friend and ask about their day– We are all subjected to this Monday together, why not call a friend and find out how their day went. Cheering someone else up can do wonders for yourself.

5. Only eat food you enjoy– Funny coming from a dietitian right? I think so often we try to start the week off “healthy” and eat foods that we don’t enjoy that leave us unsatisfied. I’m not saying ignore nutrition all together I’m just saying if you’re deciding between a flavorless soup or a turkey bacon avocado sandwich go with the sandwich.

Enjoy life

Happy Monday :)

Friday Reflections: What I’m Loving Lately

The sun came up this morning and the snow began to melt. I was busy getting ready for work- digging my car out of the snow,  making sure my interns had guidance, trying to get a quick workout in, packing my lunch etc. when the University decided to close and the weekend began. The sudden change in plans wasn’t necessarily an unwelcome one. Starbucks became my office for the day and once I finished some demanding items on my to-do list I started reflecting on the past month. I thought of all my complaints, arguments, and anxiety and let them go.

“You’ll find it’s necessary to let things go; simply because they are heavy” ~Uknown

Then I started thinking about the things contributing to me happiness lately and that’s inspired me to write. This post is about, what I’m loving lately.

face to the sun

Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D. and Elyse Resch, M.S., R.D.: Intuitive Eating, is a book that the majority of my role models and in the dietetics field recommend. Written, by two idols in the field of nutrition, it is a guide that teaches how to reject the diet mentality and follow natural hunger cues and find peace with food. I’ve picked up and put down the book before in the past, but after getting through the intro I became hooked. Not only do I think it will be valuable when counseling in the future, but it encourages me to reflect on my own eating habits to be a better role model.

Intutive eating

Bikram Yoga Challenge: I am half way through a yoga challenge to complete 30 classes in 30 days. I’ve attempted this before without success, but I have a new determination this time around since it may be my last chance to do one for a while. I am already noticing a change in my practice and I’m also learning to trust my determination and commitment to reach goals.

yoga challenge

Learning the Justice System: This month I completed  my civic duty for the first time (jury duty) and all though it came at an inconvenient time the experience was both valuable and interesting. I am proud of America’s ideals and values and I think it’s important for everyone to understand how the system works. If you have the opportunity to be a juror I recommend putting your life aside for a couple days and letting yourself learn and grow through the process.

Dates: I’m talking about the food in this case. I have a new found love for dates. The sweet high fiber fruit is packed with fiber, potassium and healthy carbs. It is the perfect pre-run snack and can be used in so many fun recipes. Like this energy balls with dates, banana, and chocolate chips..oh and sprinkles :)


Family Time: February hosts the birthday’s of three of my favorite people, my mom, brother and baby cousin Ava. I loved celebrating them this month.

Amos Lee: I can’t enough of his soulful music right now…


Fitbit Challenges: My mom got me a fitbit for Christmas and I have to say my little family and friend challenges have been so fun.


Please, note the narration in these. I’d really love to meet the Fitbit brain child behind these funny comments :)



Back to Blogging

It’s been a while since my last post and I mean a while. The last time I wrote was the Richmond marathon over a month ago. Which is far from my goal of three posts a week. I’ve been busy sure, but that’s not my excuse. Nope, I’ve been busy in the past and it hasn’t prevented me from sharing my life with you. The truth is my creativity was burnt out just like my legs for a little while and it’s a spiral effect. When I’m not writing I’m not reading as many blogs, I have fewer ideas and less inspiration. But I won’t dwell on that because somehow my fingers found the keys and they are moving along in peaceful-rhythm.

believe in your own magic

What started this melody? Inspiration seemed to be sneaking in from so many different areas of my life nudging me to write so I finally accepted it. I have so many beautiful people and things in my world that I just need to get it all out!

It started when my thoughtful co-workers Sally and Lynn surprised me with holiday gifts,  an Up Early With Amy Mug from Sally and a wellness journal form Lynn (not pictured).

IMG_3607  It was so thoughtful and sweet. It reminded me to never underestimate the power of simple thoughtful gifts. Sometimes I plan to get family and friends something here or there and put it off or decide it’s not worth the trouble. But it is. Receiving g these gifts made my week and if you can do that for someone else you should. Even if it’s a just a small card to let someone know you are thinking of them.

“Never get tired of doing little things for others sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their hearts ~Ida Azhuri”

This alone was enough to make me start writing again…

Heathers note

But then there was a Christmas note from my cousin Heather whose more like a sister. In it, she reminds me of all the great things that have happened for me over the past year including my blog. If you don’t have someone in your life like that you should start being that person for someone you care about…it makes all the difference.

I can’t forget my cousins Becky and Dan who edited work for me with thought and consideration the day I send it to them.


I’m not done.

Next is my yoga studio owner Diana and the community she created. The studio is moving locations and I spent last night helping Diana pack up old photos, newspaper clippings, and documents since the studio opened in 2003. I’ve only been there for a year and half, but she’s been touching lives for over a decade and I’m so grateful for her and studio’s presence in my life.

…Naturally we had to celebrate our hard work over Thai food and wine :)


(Diana on the left and  yogi Tifa on the right)


(Tom Yum soup and red wine :) )

Finally, there’s  my entire family. They are there for me without fail. They love me even when I don’t feel like I deserve it. They spoiled me this Christmas and all chipped in to get  me a Vitamix for Christmas. If there was any hesitation in my fingers finding the keys the Vitamix sealed the deal. I mean when your family gives you a Vitamix you make recipes and blog (if you’re into that sort of thing of course). End of story.



smoothie bowl

(My first Vitamix smoothie bowl)

More creations to come :)

I’m sure I’m forgetting people and things I am grateful for, but I’m sure it’ll come out in a later post along with the soups and nut butters I plan to make :)